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tv   [untitled]    January 21, 2015 10:30pm-11:01pm PST

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rather than smoking cigarettes. and all those bad chemicals in the drug itself. and we've been located in the ocean neighborhood, i think being there, city college and san francisco state university, the people of the community by people in the community can purchase the products without the need to go through unnecessary obstacles and this also ultimately brings more life to the area by having people in the community stay because what they need is within their reach. please deny the appeal and support the project for the community. thank you. >> thank you. next her, please. >> good after members of the book my name is jessica fisher and i'm a born and raised them consistent. i grew up all my
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life in the ingleside neighborhood just a few blocks away from where happy vaporizing would be attended mercy high school my parents are both professors at city college of san francisco just down the road. i met blake through a mutual fund and have come to be very close friends of mine. her extraordinary family and will run the business as such. i think from what blake mentioned before you can see that is not the typical business owner. his ultimate goal is not just money but to provide something for the community, which is lacking, and to make a meaningful relationship with the other business owners around him. i think it was a time when so many people are leaving san francisco a point which was emphasized before, and with so many other people coming to establish businesses in san francisco because it so desirable it would be a shame in this context to prevent a local family from opening a
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business especially i like to emphasize this is a conditional promise they'll be revisited. i think what better way is there to do them at least an opportunity to see whether some of the concerns that were raised here are whether there is any value to them. in addition, i would like to just please urge you to approve the permit and to deny the appeal and to maintain san francisco's families here. also, just that i really don't see neighbors being affected adversely by this. it is a decision as an adult to smoke or not. since there is no smoke and know but i really don't see how it would disturb the surrounding neighborhood. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i'm not.
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happy vaporizing is a beneficial to the community. the owner of happy vaporizing him not a lot of support to create community bins to gather people and give them a lot of fun. happy vaporizing [inaudible] to the church which will eventually goes to the kids. father christmas. furthermore easy that's what hope was to create a free smoking [inaudible] in which cleaner street [inaudible] so we would like to see happy beeping in our community because it is beneficial. although there may school and churches in the area. however, there is no support letter from those places. [inaudible]. those
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school and churches have not sent any opposing letter. so, please be kind thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello everyone. my name is derek lam and blake is a great friend and a great guy. i'm here to say there's been a miscommunication. we're actually [inaudible] were on the same team we just have different ways of solving it. if you think about it, widow cigarettes of that. fast food mcdonald's is bad gas company from our cars is polluting the air. electric companies would he think we are derelict visiting from? power plants and nuclear plants which is terrible for the ecosystem. so, why don't we eliminate them
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completely, because it isn't that easy to stop us from smoking eating fast food diving our cars, and using electricity. we can fight these companies had on. we've tried it. we still see stores selling and promoting cigarettes. at ocean avenue. it's been a long time and it's still going. so what can we do now as a community to slowly change of the people's habits? by giving people a choice. example: look at mcdonald's. we know it's unhealthy but we have choices now. quiznos subway aaa. cars we have a solar electricity cars. electric companies with hydro, solar, and wind. cigarettes, it's the same thing. electric cigarettes and vapors. this is a trend and this is a green giant. it's going away. a bigger difference compared to the last couple years. so opening links shop not only gives us a healthier choice but a healthier
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lifestyle than before for community and for the people and for the country. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'm a cashier at, my name is sammy [inaudible] am his appointment then blake. i don't smokers all my life. i live there and san francisco all my life and i love ocean avenue. area in general. this business proposal is a winning process for those. getting people off tobacco of cigarettes that are clearly harmful and then onto something else. going all the way down to zero percent. that's why i support this. the denial of the appeal. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello supervise my name is mike -- i just want to go
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shadow and talk about a lot of stuff that darted been viewed about how torn on health issues owner object we talked about a couple things. this is purely a land-use permits. wits with the planning commission to appeal the -- the planning commissions approval of this thing and not with the health department has nothing to do with the recent legislation. although it is affected by such. recent legislation got changed from i think last month or so is in regards to tobacco sales permits. which of this project already has -- and also the city permit i believe. it should be exempt from that to begin with. another thing to deal with the objectivity, certain statistics that were brought up to it i'm not
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assigned. i'm an engineering background. i look at figures it depends on how you look at numbers. what high school students now have 10 percent increase or so of using a cigarettes versus a decline of five percent. i see it as a decline of cigarette use which is guaranteed to tobacco and other ill effect chemicals versus and he cigarette. there was nothing said about whether the he said it easier product contains tobacco are not. this also to me is a matter of how well the kind of person you are selling these products. enforcement issue not [inaudible]. one last thing i want to point out is that ocean avenue [inaudible] benefit district with this form 40 property owners and sales orders they all want businesses to be on ocean avenue benefiting ocean under. thank
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you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'm revenue: gordon on my 37 years [inaudible] in woodside presbyterian church. just recently was released from the hospital some of myself all the way yet. the bottom line also member of the board of ocean avenue association. we unanimously wanted to support this young aspiring businessman. [inaudible] on ocean avenue and also one has been incidental and a lot of the changes happy to see all the progress that has been made on our strip, blake and his family moved to america from mainland china. blake, tenure so cannot speak a word of english. we work with a young brother and give him some foundations to get his educational self together and to see him this day ,, and aspiring businessman on ocean avenue just so elated.
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his is america. as an opportunity to support our young people. there's absolutely nothing wrong -- opposition am hearing the moralistic stuff that people are born. 18 years old have a choice to make. you can't stop people from smoking or wherever they want to be. i'm hearing people trying to do. it's not right. this is america. bottom of this young man deserves an opportunity. he deserves our support. he can be as a success story or person coming from another country coming here and being successful paying taxes and that's the bottom. when used. let's be right about this. please support. thank you so much >> thank you. next he grew, please >> thank you good afternoon to posted this a first-time meeting is him. last year they spoke on the cigarettes. mr. -- when in ensure you what it was all about. san francisco
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welcomes opening business especially young. it's not the business is the product. with the not saying is, q so the mike in. that so the cigarette is to me. when you go to marijuana that's the bullets. [inaudible] what is this gentleman going to do and what is he going to post in the store to distract the buyer from coding that filter and smoking the wax, dc take junk weed and melted down turn it into wax. playtime is over. i've watched [inaudible] playback there. would you do if he gets hold of that? you take him to the hospital. he didn't get him there in time. that's
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what he has to look at. it's not about your business. it's about the product. like i said we went through this last year. i even submitted a document some stance and dated on the cigarettes. it's not like you don't know. thank you. >>. thank you. next. this is opportunity for those who oppose the appeal to speak so there's any other speakers would like to speak in opposition of the appeal, please come forward at this time. seeing none, -- come on. >> is when a show you some pictures here >> can you please speak into the microphone. >> yes. this is a [inaudible]
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this is my teacher right here. our show you how cigarettes to my quiz african americans we know about cigarettes. look at [inaudible] there are 10 ads advertising cigarettes in here and [inaudible] look at it would getting you to get into smoke cigarettes and noses in those days. [inaudible]. your good taste [inaudible] cigarettes are [inaudible]. a new business out there as we know we have 36 states with cannabis. it was born right here. you know cannabis is not like tobacco that actually
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kills. ashley tobacco started to kill gays and women and blacks. [inaudible]. i don't smoke cigarettes so having [inaudible] at city college painted the mural. 89. they build [inaudible] with a bookstore by the reservoir it's growing it's changing. people don't want alternatives. we have papers down here [inaudible]. so we know people should have a choice as the area grows. thank you very much. smoking is not good. vaporizing and cannabis is healthy for you. we've got to make sure san francisco stands up. [inaudible]. ohio state beat were gone and they had to 15 [inaudible] i was watching
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nbc and this [inaudible] so the millennium margin it was should go to dc. it is a macro. every american does deserves to go washington dc but let's think that's how we have medical marijuana. started right here and we were there 15 years ago this year. so, vapor is good and cannabis is good only to make sure the city [inaudible] products and people thank you. >> thank you very much than other any other speakers seeing none, at this time will go to the appellant for rebuttal is up to three minutes to rebut this comments of the representative. >> just a minute on hookers beer we could spend all day clinic mission did not approve this on the basis of a [inaudible]. neither should the
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board of supervisors vapor condense unhealthy chemicals [inaudible] he cigarettes are multimillion dollar multibillion-dollar business. [inaudible] they would apply to the fta for approval. they have not done so and i think they know their claims are not true. the epa stage are unhealthy and the board of supervisors should accept that in line with the [inaudible] has passed legislation in these types of products and pass this unanimously. >> we agree with the statement that this is a land use issue. it impacts about ballpark stationary a plan which is part of the san francisco area plan. this particular plan or the city of san francisco paid for
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supported many of the seven studies that were done. one of them was the telstra report, which was funded by the mayor's side and this report indicated there was a pick up, almost $1 billion unmet need in this particular area. we need things that retail sales that will be used by many families in this neighborhood. we need services that will that they can walk to that they will use. that's the type of thing that we are pleading for this particular street. as i mentioned before, there were many studies of the areas and in accordance with about ballpark plan, there should be a successful neighborhood operate a full complement of retail stores that are conveniently located when the studies were done they did interview many of the residence and none of them
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requested it vaporizing shop hookah or any kind of tobacco paraphernalia establishment. according to wish about the vacancies, as i mentioned, the vacancies are in many cases due to some of the landlord's who are uninterested in keeping up their businesses. if you grant this particular appeal, here sending a message that the city stands behind the vision of the about our plan and will create a neighborhood that can serve as an example of an intelligent urban design. as far as whether or not this is the only place in this area at san francisco -- near san francisco state in the park -- there is a thank you. >> thing. at this time your time is up. thank you. this
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colleagues, item number 22 has been held and is now posted this matter is in the hands of the board and i will start with supervisor yee. >> thank you presidents pretty. first though i think the members of the public who came out today to participate in this hearing. all those also expressed their views and opinions through e-mails. ocean avenue so so diverse avenue with many different interests and needs. for the past few years the local residents and businesses have been very active through the ocean avenue association to revitalize the area. there is [inaudible] on new hopeful on the block on ocean and now just a locally owned hardware store, -- ocean
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hardware. i've seen a growing population of families and children and understand your perspective that we need to attract more family family business in the area. in my office this work without rest of us in the local community to help in this effort. i do share the same vision as many of my neighbors that smoke from a public health perspective, i fully support our cities latest effort to curb the growing trend for mac including [inaudible] legislation passed by this board, -- he cigarettes and vaporizing. is it concern how many young people are turning to this alternative without knowing the full range of cutbacks and the long-term. so, many ways i share the same passion and concerns that several of my colleagues on this board. however, we are not
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making a decision on the safety of the proposal retail products today. that is not an aspect that we can wait for a conditional use. today, we are asked to consider if the planning commission made the right decision in authorizing conditional use of the project. while there are a variety of interest that could be deemed more desirable or even more necessary for the area this project that is coming before us now to fulfill the storefront that was vacated in the summer of 2013 on a block with a number of other vacancies. this business will actively [inaudible] vacated
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storefront on this blog. since ocean avenue's goals is to have a diversity in business i feel the project does meet the minimum requirements. there are no other stores that did the same description and based on the planning apartment findings, this not a saturation of sales of e cigarettes or hookahs in this corridor. based on these facts i do not believe that there are enough grounds to overturn the planning commission's decision. however, credit proposed additional conditions to promote safety and transparency in the area. one of things i try to look at is a concern would be safety issues presented by this alternative [inaudible] so-called alternative businesses on that block. i didn't find any [inaudible] in the spyglass three or four years. so, just to make sure that [inaudible] avec proposed project sponsor install security cameras to not only
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help to [inaudible] criminal activities and to keep an eye on the neighborhood and [inaudible] alert suspicious activities with the police. since one of the conditional conditions of the pool is a six-month update i would planning commission commission to review and verify with reports from the police about an increase in criminal activity , noise complaints were loitering complaints arriving from this establishment. so, i like to make a motion. i like to make a motion to amend item 24 to disapprove the conditional use authorization and to approve with additional conditions. the first condition like to add is to mandate that the project sponsor install a security camera system to
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monitor activities along the storefront and to keep video footage available to police. the second condition would be to expand the six-month monitoring condition and listed as condition number 11 on the planning commission's final motion. during the six-month review of the commission to also take into account verified police reports on any increase criminal activities noise or loitering complaints within 300 feet the establishment. there are associated with projects employees or patrons. so, the motion is really to amend these two conditions. >> okay. supervisor yee has been a motion to amend item 24. is there a second, seconded. is there a second for this, seconded by supervisor avalos. can we take the amendment
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without -- okay. so at this time that before we take a boat on the amendment to item number 24 want to recognize supervisor: electric >> with respect to the moment i would offer one more amendment for you to consider. it's also in addition to security cameras motion lights. you can go along way in providing security for businesses on court-ordered [inaudible] >> supervisor yee do accept this finally moment >> exit the finally moment i think that's a good suggestion to ship so thank you. jp amendment without about objection to moment passes. supervisor yee you want to continue to ship sure. i like to make a motion to adopt item number 24 and two table items 23 and 25.
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>> okay. supervisor seeing none,? has yee has made a motion to adopt item 24 and two cables item 23 and 25. is there a second? sega by supervisor kim is a discussion on this? any additional discussion supervisor cohen >> thank you. i just want to stay to recognize the public comment on both sides of the issue that came to share their perspective with myself, my staff the office and that of come in the chamber. as a supervisor who has to deal with an over concentration of liquor stores and other businesses that sell tobacco, tobacco paraphernalia, i understand the concerns of very deep level that the neighbors have expressed. we are i really think were fooling ourselves if we think that the proliferation of e cigarettes in the cigarette marketing doesn't have an affect on impact on our
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children. we have spent more than a generation educating children about the effects of smoking and changing the social acceptability of smoking. our personal i went to [inaudible] and went to school unless i then graduated from lowell in the lakeshore. so, my connection this particular part of san francisco it is extremely personal and i know the ocean avenue -- i watch the scoreboard change over the course of my 35+ years of existence here in the city. so it's really interesting to hear of this conversation how it's matured but i believe that the cigarette regimen of them necessary would determine whether smoking becomes socially acceptable again by marketing e cigarettes as a safe and alternative to smoking. i do believe that we are reversing decades of work and education of this important public health crisis. what's
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interesting this is work our own department of public health has been spearheading and leave. it's really insane here we are in this chamber their policy decision in the planning department saying yes goal for and public health same this is a red five. so it's an interesting how we've come here today and also on to say despite my personal perspective on e cigarettes what is before us today is a conditional use of appeal with a very specific standard. i also want to say, is that the been the sport of the number for the land-use committee dealing with land-use issues for the last four years. so, again avenue lands bringing to this decision. i have to tell you, i make it a practice to exercise the funds to the supervisor that is dealing with whatever issue the were dealing with. i am uncomfortable, but i
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will have to be in going on record in disagreement with what the district 7 supervisor and that this really isn't about whether we believe other businesses on ocean avenue should be selling cigarettes and other businesses who condone on healthy lifestyles. it's about what the project sponsor is proposing and whether or not it meets the requirements of our planning code. i don't believe that this proposal has met the standard for conditional use. i do believe the business will have impacts on the surrounding community. i don't believe that the business is necessary or desirable for the neighborhood and i will be supporting the appeal tonight. thank you >> thank you supervisor cohen supervisor mar >> let me be my best to be as brief as i can with respect to supervisor norman yee i disagree on his analysis of whether this business is
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necessary and desirable and whether it's compatible with the neighborhood character. i'll just say there's been tremendous letters and petitions but especially coming from slope elementary school, -- middle school -- before four-year-old academy that's right across the street st. medius academy and others. numerous neighbors and good associations saying it is not necessary. i think there was a chart will be some of the businesses that sell e cigarettes that are within close proximity so i know it's contested by the project sponsor. so, whether it's necessary or desirable i don't agree with my colleague.. i think the question of who the establishments and the use of the new warming of the stones in the basement of a business to me is a this is a concern of me given the fact that i know we don't have any near enough staff to monitor the new technology and


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